What are Cleansers?

Sep 10 , 2021

What are Cleansers?


A facial cleanser is a skincare product used to remove make-up, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other types of pollutants from the skin, helping to keep pores clear and prevent skin conditions such as acne.

Finding the best cleanser can be tough given there are so many options. Knowing the differences between them will help you choose the best products for your skin.

  • Gel cleansers are clear with a gel-like consistency. Many have deep-cleaning and exfoliating properties - ideal for oily-prone skin
  • Cream cleansers are usually thicker can be moisturizing, cleansing without stripping skin of its natural oils - ideal for dry or sensitive skin
  • Foam cleansers are lightweight sollutions creating a foamt lather when dispensed from a pump package. Foam cleansers are pleasant to use and remove excess oil as effectively as gel cleansers - ideal for combination skin


The normal pH of the skin is between 4.5 and 6.5. When you cleanse your skin, there is an interaction that occurs between the cleanser, the skin’s moisture barrier and the skin’s pH. Soaps contain harsh surfactants that can alter the skin barrier and increase skin pH – increasing the potential for dryness and irritation. Soap-free gel, cream and foam cleansers are formulated to be as effective, but gentler, causing less disruption to the skin barrier and minimal change to skin pH.


Most of the environmental impurities and cosmetic products our skin comes in contact with are not water soluble, so washing the skin with water isn’t enough to remove them. Skin cleansers remove dirt, sebum, oil and dead skin cells - ideally without damaging or irritating the skin.

Remember, it’s important to cleanse your skin every night, but also in the morning too, to remove any toxins your skin eliminates during the night.

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