Sep 10 , 2021


Heliocare, a brand from Spain that has been researched and developed by Cantabria Labs since 2001.

Cantabria Labs focuses in manufacturing the most superior pharmaceuticals, dermatological and cosmetic products, investing heavily in research and development, ensuring the products are safe and effective.

12 years of research and clinical investigation conducted in conjunction with the Harvard Medical School and leading experts in the field of sun protection had led to the development of Heliocare oral and topical range to ensure maximum inside and out protection. Heliocare Oral, Heliocare XF Gel SPF 50 and Heliocare Oil-free Compact SPF 50 are some of the star products of the brand. These products are exquisitely formulated with additional ingredients such as chemical / physical filters, photosomes, sunspheres, lutein, lycopene and vitamins to increase the level of protection against the UV rays.

Heliocare focuses on the main active ingredient, Fernblock®, an extract from Polypodium leucotomos, a fern originating from Central and South America, traditionally been used for the treatment of different inflammatory skin diseases. These exclusive and original sun protection mechanisms have been patented and are the basis of Heliocare technology, the most advanced sun protection line with demonstrated effectiveness of topical and oral administration. It has been extensively researched and has more than 40 published studies.

Before the launch of Heliocare, a safety study was designed to ensure that Fernblock® is safe for consumption and do not have any side effects.
UV radiation is the main cause for many skin problems. Premature skin aging, cellular DNA damage, weakening of skin's defense, sunburn and hyperpigmentation are just some of the possible after effects of UV radiation. The exclusive Fernblock® technology helps protect our skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. A sole ingredient providing four levels of protection: DNA protection, Antioxidant protection, Immune System protection and Photoaging prevention.

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