How do I earn points?

a. Purchasing: RM 1 = 1 cash point

b. Writing Review: 200 cash points

c. Writing review + picture: 500 cash points

100 cash points = RM1 discount of the total amount of purchase.

How could I use the points earned? style="float: none; width: 100%;
Is there a validity period for the points accumulated?
What is the minimum number of points required for redemption?
Is there any requirement regarding the number of points to be used each time I want to redeem my points?
Are my points reflected on the website as soon as I make a purchase?
Can I convert the points accrued into cash and withdraw it from my account?
If my points are insufficient to offset the total value of the transaction, can I offset part of the transaction with all my points and pay the remaining amount in cash?
How do I check my points accumulated in my account?
Is there a validity period for the reward points accumulated?
Is there a ceiling limit for the points accumulated in my account (for example, a maximum of 1000 bonus points. Will any surplus over that be deemed invalid for use)?
Is it possible to merge the points accumulated in the two DermaSkinShop accounts owned separately by myself and another party?
If I offset my purchase with my points, will there be points credited to my account?
If I make my purchase using DermaSkinShop e-gift card, will there be points credited to my account?
Are there points issued when I purchase DermaSkinShop e-gift card?
Can I use points to buy DermaSkinShop e-gift card?